Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oy Vey!

So what do I basically do during my free time after work?
- hang-out with my hubby and babies
- watch basically anything interesting, including re-runs of fave shows or movies
- eat. sleep. dream.....
- go out for a walk and hang-out at the nearby village park a few walks from our house with hubby

customize the design and layout of my blog as inspiration strikes me...:)

I'll cross my fingers again that I'll be able to open my blog at work...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stuff I'd like to teach/say to my kids when they jumpstart their career (based from my experience)

1. Don't let others decide for you what you want to do in life. Even if they are your parents. Even if they have another dream for you and criticizes you for that choice. Stand your ground. If it means taking a risk (like moving to a new place) by the time you get hired, that means you have to take that chance. You might not know that success is just around the corner. If it means sacrificing the bonding time between you and your loved one (if the two of you aren't married yet), you have to make that sacrifice as well. Why? because after a few years, if he's still stick with you despite the distance, both of you will benefit from it by the time you two decided to start a family. It's also a plus, because both of you get to grow as whole rounded individuals and you get to test if he/she really loves you for real because he/she stayed and remained loyal (that is you should too). It's ironic if both of you are together, have a family yet both penniless and still depending on one of your ever-generous parent/s. It's not only a saddening situation, but pitful as well.

2. Don't worry about office politics, not going along well with co-employees,their rumors about you, a low salary, etc.Endure it for a year at least. Because what counts most in your resume is how long you spent your employment there in that company, no matter how much that company sucks. Be grateful that they hired you. Because if time comes you might want to shift careers, at least you saved money (in case you want to study more for the next career you want to pursue) and you proved that you are loyal to your company at least.

3. Ironic it may sounds, but there are companies who doesn't care about if you were an achiever in school, what counts most is your employment history. So, maintain a good track record...when being employed. No absences or lates for at least your first 3 months, or during your probationary period... or if possible, at least for a year. Yes, I'm not kidding...You'll figure out later on in this artcle why I'm saying these things. Also, once you're assigned to finish a certain task, do it immediately. Never ever please procrastinate. If you're forgetful, keep a planner or have those good ol' sticky notes either on computer or those bought in bookstores. Don't get swayed if your co-employees says you're too serious with your job and if they say that the boss will give more tasks to you because of that, because in reality of course, the boss will really give you loads of work to do. It's not your co-employees whom you are pleasing, your boss. What's important is that you get paid right at the end of every cut-off because you know you've done your job well at the end of every work day.

4. Choose a company that will provide you a permanent source of employment. Benefits included. If instant earning is needed, and the span of time (let's say it's a contractual/reliever kind of job) is short (like for a  few months) then, it's advisable not to include that in your resume in the future. Or for instances you need to resign (because of family matters, etc.) likewise, just don't include that in your resume. If it cannot be avoided because you are applying to a similar job like that, make sure that you have a work experience that is of year/s so that at  least when it comes to company loyalty, there's no problem with that.

5. Start working early before you start working. Get it? What I'm saying is, though most parents want their children to just focus on their studies, the thing is after graduation... in most companies and when applying... they'll tell you that school is more on theories but you'll learn more skills when working. It may come in the form of internship, even if it's years before they really should be interning. They'll learn to acquire some skills during that work experience. It could be as simple as being a layout artist, because later on you may want to work in the advertising industry. It could be a photographer's assistant, because later on in life you might become a photographer. Or it could be more on building up your portfolio catered to the kind of job and the company where you would like to apply, someday. Honestly, I should've chose this instead of gaining for more medals. Sure it something, but it's really something if you came from a known school, backed up with a good employement track record. What's important is that you have an expertise.

And lasty, please never get pregnant after graduation. Or just abstain. Busy yourself with other things that will give you merit in the future. And don't ever think that it's easy to find and land a job if you based it on your skills and knowledge alone. Because it's nothing if you don't have a good track record in your resume. Why? Because that's what happened to me, ironically, I got unemployed...and discovered that I'm pregnant as well with our 2nd child. I kept on applying and job hunting and going to interviews and scored high in exams. But what keeps me from getting hired by employers is my short span of employment with the companies I've worked with. It's always the 3 months employment curse. Oh, when will I break that spell? If given the opportunity (after I give birth with our 2nd child, and maybe after a year or 2...) to be able to work again, it's the career I want to last for long. For long as in, up to my age of retiring (maybe 60 or 65)... It's the same problem and situation that Chris has, but this time, whatever job who'll hire him... that's where he'll stay for long too, right now.

But for now, since I couldn't get hired in a job... that's the reason why I (we) will turn to business.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Well, what can  I say? I just want to blog and write with a purpose again, that's why I put up another blog again. A digital version probably of the old school journals/diaries-slash-scrapbooks that I missed doing in the privacy of our room when I was still a teen...
Like a cat with so many lives, I lived in different blog lives already, since 2005. All born, and before this... died silently.

Let's cross all our fingers that this one will last for long :)

That is to say, as if I have an audience hearing me out.